Posted by: checblog | December 1, 2011

Looking for Climate Change Communication Research?


The Center for Communication on Climate Change (4C), housed at George Mason University, publishes its research on climate change communication and environmental attitudes in the United States. Their research is especially valuable because of its ongoing nature; since 4C’s founding in 2007, each report has built on its predecessor and reveals the trends and shifts in American views on climate change.

You can visit their homepage here.

Below is a brief video interview with Dr. Edward Maibach (4C founder) and Dr. Heidi Cullen (Climate Central chief climatologist), produced by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.


Posted by: checblog | November 8, 2011

Medicare to Grade Hospitals on Patient Satisfaction

The New York Times recently reported that Medicare would begin evaluating patient satisfaction levels to determine which hospitals receive funding.

This decision comes from a mandate in the Affordable Care Act. Many people feel that the implications of this policy need to be discussed. While the intentions are soundРreward the hospitals that provide the best careРcould it result in overlooking the hospitals that desperately need better funding? Or the hospitals that are unable to provide adequate care due to staff or supply shortages?

How do you think this could effect your local hospitals?

You can read the original article here.